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TRON Price Pulled Down by the Bears to $0.020

Tron (TRX) News

TRON coin was among the most result yielding coins since the opening of the year. The traders are impressed by the recovery in the price. However, TRX price dribbled due to the market pressure, and now the price counter has reached to $0.020. The price movement is likely to improve soon. The future of the coin is anticipated to be great.

TRX Price Prediction

TRON coin started dealing at $0.0200. The price escalates to $0.0202 by 1.16% in the next hour. The price dropped to $0.0200 by a moderate fall of 1.19%. In the next 2 hours, TRX coin was trading around $0.0208. The price hovered around the same level, and later, TRON crypto escalated again, and this time, it escalated to $0.0211 by a 2.39% hike. Then, it plunged to $0.0208 and again escalated to $0.0211 by 1.75%.

Tron (TRX) Price News

TRON coin price dropped to $0.0206 in the next hour, but it recovered again and touched $0.0210 by 2.03%. Then, the price was seen dropped to $0.0207. Amidst a slight pick and drop, the currency hovered around the same level until it was at $0.0205. Thereafter, the Tron price escalated to $0.0215, and then it closed the day at $0.0213. The intraday movement of the TRX coin reflected an upsurge of 6.31%.

Today, the currency started dealing at $0.0213. Within the first hour, the price escalated to $0.0214. However, then, it dribbled to $0.0204 at 02:38 UTC. After this fall, the TRX coin hovered around the same level till now. As per the current movement, the TRON coin might reflect moderate movement around the current level for the rest of the day. The coin has violated the immediate support level at $0.0209. Tron might plunge to the next support level at $0.0196 in the coming hour, but thereafter the coin would be seen hovering around the same level and closing the day with a negative digit.

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