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Tron is a decentralized content sharing platform that uses blockchain and peer to peer technology. It enables users to create and share their content with anyone and anywhere in the world. With Tron’s ecosystem, a user can not only share the content with others, but he also gets compensated for the content and data that he creates, which is in complete contrast with how the other social media platforms like Facebook monetize user data. Tron allows users to have complete ownership of his data.

Tron is headed by its founder and CEO, Justin Sun. Tron, has till now, secured a number of big partnerships which have helped Tron in driving its growth rate. Its notable partners are Gifto, oBike, Peiwo, and

The token of the Tron platform is TRONIX, which tracks the user’s behavior from the entertainment market and shares data with the apps placed within the Tron network.

Tron removes the need for intermediaries by offering a platform for creators to directly share their content with the consumers. All the data in the platform is cryptographically secured through blockchain, which allows the creators to take all the generated profit from their content. It allows the creators to protect their privacy, which will limit the profit of a big company like Google and Facebook.

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