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Who created Tron?

Tron is a decentralized and blockchain-based platform that aims to create a free and global digital content entertainment system with the help of distributed storage technology and which enables cost-effective and easy sharing of digital content.

Tron was founded in September by a Singapore based non-profit organization. The CEO of the Tron Foundation is Justin Sun, who developed the idea of the project Tron. Tron Foundation, in 2017, raised 70 million dollars through an initial coin offering. In 2018, Tron switched from ERC-20 token to an independent peer to peer network after that Tron increased its market capitalization and became a top 10 cryptocurrency.

What is the value of Tron?

The price of Tron has been volatile, which made it a very risky investment. However, looking at the project, experts believe that it has huge potential. Currently, Tron is trading below $0.017, and its price is supposed to rise in the coming future. Tron debuted in 2017, and it allowed its investors to make some good gains. In 2018, its price raised as high as $0.090. Within a month, the price collapsed, and since then, there has been a steady valuation of around $0.02. With the launch of mainnet in June 2018, the currency is showing some improvements. Experts believe that Tron can perform very well in the future.

Can I mine Tron?

Tron cannot be mined as the coin can only be earned by staking the coin, where supply is managed by transaction fees, creation fees, etc. As all the coins already exist, there is no need for mining. Tron doesn’t have a PoW protocol, and it’s hashing algorithm is DPoS which delegated Proof of stake. PoS or Proof of stake is a system which is used on Tron works on a principle of validators of a block which is chosen randomly. The system is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t require energy and hardware. So Tron cannot be mined. However, one can earn Tronix by providing the network with additional storage space, which helps in creating a new sharing economy.

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