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Is Tron a ‘Good Investment’?

Tron is a project that aims to disrupt the current entertainment content distribution system by empowering the creators to have more control over their content in terms of how it is shared, what’s being created, and in what price they want it to share. Tron helps creators in eliminating the intermediaries and mediators who get more profit than the creators.

In just a short duration, TRX has seen massive growth, which is a result of mass adoption and proves that people believe in the prospects of the digital asset class.

Many things make Tron a good investment. First is its great team under the leadership of Justin Sun, who has already been listed by Forbes under ’30 under 30’ section. The founder of the Tron has some strong connections with prominent personalities. Tron has formed some partnerships which can prove to be significant for the project. In 2019, Tron partnered with Samsung, and it is now accepting cryptocurrencies.

TRX – Bullish vs. Bearish

TRX, like any other cryptocurrency, is characterized by gradual growth along with abrupt changes. The rate of growth of TRX depends on various factors, such as:

Tron aims to create a global digital content system by offering easy sharing and cost-effective content sharing. The project will cut down the hegemony of the middlemen, who take the majority of the profit from the content.

The project is run by an excellent team under the leadership of Justin Sun, who is already featured in Forbes and has a connection with some prominent personalities. The popularity of Justin Sun has developed trust in the investors resulting in more interest in the project.

The partnership of Tron with other big companies like Samsung, Refereum also determines if the trend will be bearish or bullish.

The volatility in the crypto market is owing to the hype that continually keeps up the interest of the investors. In the past, the price of TRX was affected by the news that appeared on social media regarding plagiarism of the white paper, cancellation of the charity lunch of Justin Sun, and many more. Such news went against the currency and caused investors to lose their interest in the coin.

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