NEO price reached as low as $10.73 on 18-July-19 at about 14:10 UTC. There was a very sharp rise on the said date and post which the coin has witnessed minor rises and falls. On 20-July-19, it managed to touch $13.78. NEO could not maintain its performance levels and started falling again from the latter part of the day.

NEO Price Analysis:

If we compare the price of NEO coin since its lowest value of $10.73 on 18-July-19 and today, the present trend indicates that the coin is reflecting an upward movement of 7%. We believe that NEO has provided good growth in the past. NEO will continue this trend to rise higher and reach its immediate resistance level of $12.87 by next 2-3 days. After about six months it can be traded around $20.

Over the past 5 days, the coin has been overbought as well as oversold several times. Now the number of coins being traded are on the neutral side. Over the past 5 days, NEO has managed to reach as high as $13.78 and has good potential and capacity to outsmart these figures and provide good returns to investors in the long run.

Published by Raul Morgan

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