Tron is currently battling with a downtrend. The currency is falling along with the many other coins. The intraday trading in TRX coin might not give the desired results to the traders, but the future seems bright. Let’s have a look at the intraday chart of TRX/USD:

TRX Price Chart

As per the above-given price chart, the TRX coin registering price fall on the week-long run. The week started dealing at $0.018970. The price escalated to $0.019433 by the end of November 10. The next day, Tron registered a fall that brought the price counter to $0.019090 by 1.77%. The price improved on November 12 and touched $0.019740 by 3.40% hike. On November 13, the counter escalated $0.020195 by 2.30%. On the next day, the TRX coin price slipped to $0.01939 by 3.99%. Yesterday, Tron price continued the fall and touched $0.018523. The intraday movement marked an aggregate regression of 4.15%.

Tron Price Prediction

The current price of TRX coin is at $0.018523. The coin was dealing at $0.020 before two days. The latest price crash in Tron is due to the ongoing volatility. The same would be lifted soon, and the coin might be seen an experiencing a great future.

For intraday traders, the currency is seen moving towards the immediate support level at $0.0182. There is a possibility that the coin might trade in a similar range for the next few hours. Tron is suggested for the short-term traders as it may help to gain considerable returns.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $0.019275 S1 $0.018219
R2 $0.019933 S2 $0.017821
R3 $0.020331 S3 $0.017163

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